HomeownersWarranty Information

At JBX Homes, we take quality very seriously. We appreciate your decision to choose us and want to help you preserve your investment. Our quality control starts at the very beginning of the construction process and continues through completion and beyond. We continuously inspect the work being done throughout construction to ensure the highest quality workmanship. Shortly before closing, we schedule a homeowner walkthrough and orientation with you to inspect all elements of the home and demonstrate every component and system in your home to explain how it works and how to maintain it so it will endure for years to come.

Our comprehensive 1-year warranty is intended to provide you peace of mind and ensure that the look and operation of your home will function as promised. This coverage is serviced by our Northwest parteners, Cascade Builder Services. Below is a link to download our warranty guide.

At closing, you will be provided all important warranty information and a list of emergency contact information for our trade partners who are responsible for the various products and services within your home.