Resources for Homeowners

Everything we do is for you, our customer and new homeowner. We encourage you to thoroughly visit each community project and explore all the opportunities that each one presents. This section is dedicated to providing you some necessary resource information that will help make your buying decision that much easier. Knowing the various community and utility requirements is key to making a sound purchase.

Community & Utility Information for Tarmigan in Issaquah

Utility Contact Information
> Gas/Electric  |  Local Contact: (888) 225-5773
> Water  |  Local Contact: (425) 837-3070
> Cable Television & Phone  |  Local Contact: (866) 922-0069
> Garbage  |  Local Contact: (800) 592-9995

Schools & Local Government
> City of Issaquah  |  Local Contact: (425) 837-3000
> Issaquah School District  |  Local Contact: (425) 837-7000

Community & Utility Information for Mapleside in Renton

Utility Contact Information
> Gas/Electric  |  Local Contact: (888) 225-5773
> Water  |  Local Contact: (425) 235-9200
> Cable Television & Phone  |  Local Contact: (866) 922-0069
> Garage  |  Local Contact: (206) 682-9730

Schools & Local Government
> City of Renton  |  Local Contact: (425) 430-6400
> Renton School District  |  Local Contact: (425) 204-2300

Resources for Realtors

Thank you for your efforts so sell our homes! We know that selling real estate in the current market has not been easy and we appreciate what you do. Our success is a direct result of your efforts. We want to do everything possible to help you close a sale. Rest assured, your buyer is in good hands after the point of sale. To further help you, we have posted important forms and documents for your information and use.

We would appreciate you registering your information with us so we can communicate new projects and updates to current ones. Again, thank you for selling our homes.

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Resources for Subcontractors & Trade Partners

Thank you for your interest in doing business with JBX Homes. We value the work that you do and the skills that you demonstrate in the industry. Please send us an email talking about your company and the work you do along with how long you have been on the job. For tradesmen that we currently work with, if there are specific sensitive documents that we need to pass along to you, we will email you information on how to retrieve that.

Thank you once again for your interest in JBX Homes. Please email us at the email below.

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Resources for Land Development

At JBX Homes, we are always looking for land to build our next great community. Our staff has extensive experience in land development and has developed many projects over the years. We know the process and have the expertise in developing property in most areas and jurisdictions. Property development can be very frustrating as well as time consuming but we are here to help. If you have property you are considering selling or would just like to discuss what options you have, please contact us by click on the email link below.

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